The afternoon show could not be filled with more energy! These two guys have a natural chemistry that is apparent on their show together.

In the days, weeks and years to come they hope to get to know you better as we all draw closer to God on the winding path that is surely ahead of us!

So, who are Ace & Jeff?

We all have different sides to who we are and Ace says, “I’m a man of many sides,” which is about the best way to describe him.  He’s a Christian, Dad, musician, author, speaker, graphic/web designer but, out of all those he’s a “radio guy.”

Ace’s love of music goes back to the age of three while riding in the car listening to the radio with his mom. She taught him about music, faith and following your passions…A defining time in his life of connecting in his relationship with God and how God made him.

His love of listening to the radio grabbed him by age 6 and he’s not looked back since!   After years of playing in clubs and bars, Ace has had the opportunity to give back in worship through performances at churches across the country. Ace also grew up a southern boy in the heart of the Bible belt of Alabama but, has moved around calling Tennessee, Florida, and Indiana home as well. He escaped the accent and is now excited to be a Michigander!

Above all of Ace’s sides, he takes the role of Dad to his two girls seriously. He blends principles from the Bible with the humor and mutual respect taught during episodes of “The Cosby Show” in how he raises his kids, looking for ways, on purpose, to invest in them daily.

Now on the JQ team, he says, “building relationship with families in the area” is his favorite thing he gets to do each week. Ace continues to say “God is showing up and showing off!  I’m strapping in for the amazing ride!”

Jeff Veley is a born communicator that loves to laugh and help others.  He’s a youth speaker, bullying expert, illusionist, and live events producer with a passion for helping young people and the adults that care for them. Presenting an energetic blend of entertainment and truth, Jeff has touched many lives in West Michigan and around the world.

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Jeff was saved at a young age and grew up in the entertainment industry.  His dad, a guitarist and sound engineer, taught him what it takes to put on a great show and how to use live events as an opportunity to help those in need.  When Jeff was just 16 years old, his father passed away following a tragic accident.  As a hurting teen who struggled in school and at home, Jeff felt lost and confused.  As he considered what to do next, Jeff turned to God for direction and prayed about his purpose.  The Lord answered and called Jeff to work with abused and neglected youth in schools and residential treatment programs. In addition, He led Jeff to use his experience in the arts to produce prevention programs that encouraged teens to make positive choices before they found themselves in a crisis.

Today Jeff travels the country speaking at schools, churches, and conferences, teaching his audience how to love others using the Golden Rule, especially those that are seemingly difficult.  He is recognized as a Goodwill Ambassador by the Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative of the United Nations, who presented his anti-bullying program with the Golden Rule International Award.  In addition, Jeff is the President of live event production company, “Where You Going Productions”.  His goal is to reach as many young people as possible, sharing messages of hope, love, and authentic relationships.

Jeff’s favorite thing about being a part of JQ99.3 is connecting with listeners, especially young people, and encouraging them on their Christian walk.  When Jeff isn’t on-air or on-stage you can find him taking a hike in the woods, mentoring at-risk teens in the community, or enjoying authentic Mexican cuisine at a local restaurant.

Check out Jeff Veley’s website at!