Where two paths cross, Ceci & Adam are the afternoon team converging at JQ 99.3!  With each of the two bringing their own energy to the table, it is nothing but warmth and laughter with the new afternoon team! In the days, weeks and years to come they hope to get to know you better as we all draw closer to God on the winding path that is surely ahead of us!

So, who are Ceci & Adam?

Ceci is a wife to Dave and a mother of three fabulous girls and one fantastic boy. She spends her days chasing after the elusive work/life balance. Her life is filled with laughter, silly moments, and the simple things that, well, any mother of 4 goes through. Her time at the station has been a riot, and the station couldn’t be happier to have her be part of the JQ team. Want to get to know a little more about her? Here is Ceci’s blog http://www.cecilabarge.com/ – ceci@jq99.com

Adam’s full name is Adam James McNutt….yep, McNutt’s not even a radio name, it’s real! He was born in Detroit and has lived in Michigan his whole life, 21 of those in West Michigan. Adam was homeschooled 6th-12th grade and graduated back in 2009. He’s usually up for try anything, crazy or not (much of that crazy – he’s done here at JQ99). Adam loves anything that has to do with being outdoors, biking, hiking, jogging, if it involves being outside, he’s there! – adam@jq99.com