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JQ99.3 and World Mission are on a mission to share the gospel and YOU can help!

How? With a simple pair of sneakers!

JQ99.3 and World Mission are looking for YOUR shoe donations!
New, Used, REALLY Used, it doesn't matter!
If you have a left AND a right shoe...It's a donation!

JQ99.3 and World Mission will be collecting your shoes ALL summer long!

Your job is to stop by a Summer Shoe Drive location and drop off your shoes!

The goal is to collect pairs of shoes to help share the gospel with those who've never heard it before!

How do Shoes = Gospel?

Simply put, each pair of shoes allows World Mission to distribute "The Treasure" to the hands of someone who's never heard the gospel before!

If you're not familiar with "The Treasure", it's a solar powered audio version of God's word.

World Mission distributes these devices in heavily persecuted areas where more than 50% of the people in these areas are illiterate and need to learn by using audio which makes "The Treasure", just that, a treasure of God's word.

You can learn more about "The Treasure" at www.WorldMission.com

So...To recap.

1) Go through your closets, garages, and other storage areas and pull together any and all pairs of shoes you don't need anymore.

2) Bundle the pairs together and bring them to a JQ99.3 / World Mission Drop Off Location!

3) Encouarge friends and family to do the same!

4) Pray for the hearts of those that will be directly effected by your donation. That God's word may accomplish a mighty work in their heart.

Drop Off Locations:

Go Gear
(4949 Harvey Street, Muskegon)

Lange Flooring
(1660 Glade, Muskegon)

Rainbow Grill
(32nd Avenue, Hudsonville)

Rainbow Grill
(4158 Chicago Drive SW, Grandville)

Calvary Christian Reformed Church
(400 Beeline Road, Holland)

Christ Memorial Church
(595 Graafschap Road, Holland)

Community Reformed Church
(10376 Felch Street, Zeeland)

Fifth Reformed Church
(2330 Holton Road, Muskegon)

Heritage Christian Reformed Church
(3089 84th Street, Byron Center)

Life Church
(12900 US-31, Grand Haven)

Peace Reformed Church
(6950 Cherry Valley Road, Middleville)

Sunshine CRC
(3300 E. Beltline, Grand Rapids)

Open Door Mission Store
(967 S. Washington Ave, Holland)

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