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Where two paths cross, Ace & Sabrina are the new morning team converging at JQ 99.3!  It’s been a long journey for both of them to arrive in the same place at the same time -- a meeting that could only happen with Christ at the center of it. 

In the days, weeks and years to come they hope to get to know you better as we all draw closer to God on the winding path that is surely ahead of us!

So, who are Ace & Sabrina? 


We all have different sides to who we are and Ace says, “I’m a man of many sides,” which is about the best way to describe him.  He’s a Christian, Dad, musician, author, speaker, graphic/web designer but, out of all those he’s a “radio guy.”

Ace’s love of music goes back to the age of three while riding in the car listening to the radio with his mom. She taught him about music, faith and following your passions…A defining time in his life of connecting in his relationship with God and how God made him.

His love of listening to the radio grabbed him by age 6 and he’s not looked back since!   After years of playing in clubs and bars, Ace has had the opportunity to give back in worship through performances at churches across the country. Ace also grew up a southern boy in the heart of the Bible belt of Alabama but, has moved around calling Tennessee, Florida, and Indiana home as well. He escaped the accent and is now excited to be a Michigander!

Above all of Ace’s sides, he takes the role of Husband to Kristina and Dad to 3 boys and 3 girls seriously. He blends principles from the Bible with the humor and mutual respect taught during episodes of "The Cosby Show" in how he raises his kids, looking for ways, on purpose, to invest in them daily.

Now on the JQ team, he says, “building relationship with families in the area" is his favorite thing he gets to do each week. Ace continues to say "God is showing up and showing off!  I'm strapping in for the amazing ride!”




Sabrina is sooooo excited to be your new friend at JQ99.3 and has been a part of mornings in West Michigan for many years!  She attended Hope College in the 90’s and started her career as a morning News Anchor for CBS in Cadillac, Michigan before transitioning into radio.    

You may know here from mornings at WSNX 104.5, and later, 105.7 (WOOD FM) or during middays at Channel 957 (WLHT)  -- all in Grand Rapids.  She most recently authored a twelve-week Bible study called Faith and the S.T.O.P. Principle.   S.T.O.P. is an acronym for learning to Surrender, Trust, Obey, and Patiently wait upon the Lord for all things.  The book walks you through her struggle to connect the dots in her personal relationship with Christ and leads you to the principles the Lord laid on her heart in accepting His love as He relates in the Bible.  If you hope to understand and accept that same love from the Lord, but are at a standstill in your walk like she was, please consider going through Faith and the S.T.O.P. Principle today!

Sabrina has a heart for U, rescuing unwanted pets, writing, motivational speaking, spending time with her family, scrapbooking and most of all -- helping you learn who Jesus is in your life. 







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