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Citizen Way Q&A

Jun 25, 2013 -- 6:16am

Q) With the success of "Should've Been Me" and "Nothing Ever (Could Separate Us)," you guys have been super busy of late! What's a typical day off at home look like for you and your family?

A) Well, my kids wake up with the sun and bang on our door until we feed them. My wife and I chat over a cup of coffee and toast. We Tweet and Facebook the funny things our kids say. Our girls love all things pink and princess so we sing to our favorite movies (currently Mary Poppins). I head to the studio or take Ava to school. Work on some new songs. Home for lunch with Alison. More song writing, artist development, Judson soccer games (I'm a team chaplain). Pick up Ava from school when I can. Dinner and walk around campus with the girls. The girls bedtime routine usually involves a lot of drama and it wears us out. We finally lure them to sleep with a book and some songs on my guitar. Alison and I watch a cooking show on Hulu. Zzzzzzzz.

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