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The Neverclaim needs YOUR help!

Dec 28, 2012 -- 9:59am

Christian music artists are constantly helping those they sing for. Whether it's the words of their songs, the sounds of their meoldies, or even the message of God they share to a hungry audience, listeners and fans appreciate what they bring into their lives.

One band that we've come to enjoy and like to support now needs OUR help!

The Neverclaim ("My Soul Longs") need a safe and reliable tour vehicle and trailer so that they can continue to traverse the country spreading God's love.

So...They put together an IndieGoGo Campaign that you can reach HERE!

Here's a video to explain the fundraiser in more detail:

If you feel so incline, toss a couple bucks their way, they'd love your support! There's even spiffs/perks for different contribution amounts!

If you can't donate, at least keep them in your prayers that they may reach their goal and obtain the vehicle and trailer they need to continue their ministry!

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