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We're looking for cookie baking teams of one adult and one child that have cookie recipes to beat all other cookie recipes!

If you think that YOUR family team has a recipe that could do just that, then register you and your little helper for the JQ99.3/Gerrit's Appliance Cookie Bake Off!

Here are the details:

When: Saturday, December 5th from 9am - 12pm (Bakers start at 8am)
Where: Gerrit's Appliance in Kentwood

Lightning Center 3850 29th. St. Se, Grand Rapids, Mi

What's a contest without prizes!? The three catagories include:

1st Place (Judge's award)
, People's Choice, Best  Presentation, Featured Cookie Winner

PRIZES FOR THE WINNERS - a cooking class for 6 people at Gerrit's Appliances*, Wolf Tabletop Convection Oven valued at $500, Kitchen Aid Mixer valued at $349, Gift cards from Wealthy Street Bakery/Hall Street Bakery & gifts from Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters......just to name a few. Each contested gets a goodie bag filled with prizes and treats!
*Cooking class is for up to 6 people and will be held at the Wyoming Gerrit's Appliance.



Ready to register? Please complete the form below to register for the 2015 Cookie Bake Off.

Note: Registering does not confirm your acceptance in to the contest. You will be contacted separately if you have been selected.

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
Day Phone:
Recipe (name of the cookie, measurements, baking temp, bake time, and instructions):
Disclaimer: By filling out this form, I agree to receive no additional compensation in the event that my winning recipe is featured in the Gerrit's Appliance Family Traditions Cookie Bake-off Cookbook:


Would you rather taste cookies than bake them?

Join us at the Cookie Bake off as JQ99.3 broadcasts live from 9am - 12pm!

Enjoy FREE cookie tasting and judging starting at 11:45am!

Table decorating tips and tricks with FREE COFFEE and sandwiches!


Judging Criteria: “Judges Choice”

            Taste:                         Flavor is balanced, neither too subtle nor too strong

                                                Contrasting flavors complement each other

            Texture:                    Cookie has appropriate softness or firmness

                                                Cookie has appropriate crumbing

                                                Texture is even throughout the cookie

                                                Frosting or decoration has a pleasing consistency

            Appearance:            Cookie design is visually appealing

                                                Color and shape of cookies are appealing

                                                Decoration or frosting is visually appealing

            Consistency:            All cookies presented look equally appealing

                                                Cookies appear evenly baked throughout batch

                                                Shape and size of cookies are consistent

                                                Flavor is consistent throughout batch


Judging Criteria: “Wealthy Street Bakery Choice” – no peanuts please

            Taste:                         Flavor is balanced

                                                Texture is appealing

                                                Add-ins complement each other and overall cookie taste

            Uniqueness:             Cookie theme stands out

                                                Cookie theme is seasonally appropriate

            Large Batch Feasibility:    

Recipe can easily translate into large batch production

                                                Ingredients feasible for bakery use

                                                Production techniques feasible for large batches


JQ99.3/Gerrit's Appliance Cookie Bake Off brought to you by:


Gerrit's Appliance


Wealthy Street Bakery


Hall Street Bakery


Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters


House of Flavors



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