JQ99 is partnering with Harvest Stand Ministries, Carpet Bonanza, and Gerrit’s Appliance to provide for families in need a nice Christmas!

Harvest Stand Ministries provide all of these families with food once or twice a month, which is very helpful, but we want to partner with our listeners to provide these families with gifts to make Christmas extra special this year!!!

Please email abbi@jq99.com to tell us which family and/or person you would like to adopt this Christmas season. All gifts need to be labeled and dropped of the the JQ Studio (425 Centerstone Ct. Zeeland, MI 49464) by December 14, 2017.

Jordan and Sydney’s Family (Family #5) – ADOPTED

Jordan and Sydney are the parents of four kids under the age of 7. Jordan works 2nd shift making it challenging to spend quality time with the family and Sydney is having trouble finding work that provides flexibility for her as she cares for their son, Joshua, who has both autism and epilepsy. They are in need of gas cards, gift cards for groceries at Walmart and Meijer, and a little cheering up this holiday season.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Daughter714-1612-14Pink & BlackBaby dolls, crayons, color booksPants (no jeans), shirts (long)
Son58-108-10GreenCars, color booksPants, shirts
Daughter34T4TPurpleColor booksPants, shirts
Son118-24 months18-24 monthsN/AEducational ToysClothes

Sean and McKenzie’s Family (Family #6)

Sean and McKenzie are the parents of 5 children under the age of 15. They work opposite shifts since some of their kids are in school and others unable to stay home independently. This hard working family would be blessed by a Christmas they can enjoy together.

AgeTop Size Bottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Sean (Dad)45LG32x36RedGiftcardTools
McKenzie (Mom)39LG12BlackForks/spoon setsMoney
Daughter15M1GreenGiftcardTennis shoes
Son12M9BlueBMX BikeShoes
Son 9S8BluePokemon cardsPants
Daughter7M8PurpleTennis ShoesPants
Daughter224 months24 monthsPinkToysToy kitchen

Alex and Natalie’s Family (Family #7) – ADOPTED

Alex and Natalie have three young kids ranging in ages from 6 weeks to 8 years old. The addition of a new baby to the family has challenged their finances as Natalie has been unable to work since mid-term in her pregnancy. They are currently working to establish childcare in preparation for Natalie’s return to work.The family could use gift cards to places like Walmart, Meijer, Kohls, Shoe Carnival and Carters.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Alex (Dad)393X40GreenPlaystation 4, home stereo systemShoes (size 11), socks, tank tops, washcloths and towells
Natalie (Mom)29XL13PinkTabletBathroom set, shoes (size 10), socks, underwear (size 8), bras (size 38B)
Daughter88/98/9RedIpad, phone, mermaid tail, toysClothes, shoes (size 2), comforter set
Daughter677PinkMonster High dolls, Ipad, baby alive, American Girl DollClothes, shoes (size 1), comforter set
Son6 weeks0-3 months0-3 monthsGreenN/ABottles, clothes, baby swing, crib bedding

Vanessa’s Family (Family #9) – ADOPTED

Lily and Leah are the daughters of Vanessa, a single mom who is currently going through a divorce. They are currently staying in a mobile home that is in desperate need of repairs As Vanessa works to save money for necessary home repairs before winter arrives, she would be thankful for some support at Christmas.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Daughter15M4Red/BlackMonster HighPants and socks
Daughter11MLPink/PurpleLittlest Pet ShopLeggings, socks, shirts

Matt and Lindsey’s Family (Family #11) – ADOPTED

Matt and Lindsey are young parents of a 3 year old son named Colten. After a difficult court situation concerning Colten’s biological father, this family has been recently reunited. Matt works full time and Lindsey recently lost her job and is searching for employment. Matt and Lindsey are hoping to complete Financial Peace University classes soon. This family could really benefit from some restaurant or family outing gift cards this Christmas season.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Matt (Dad)23L36/LGreenMoviesClothing
Lindsey (Mom)21S4/MPurpleHousehold/home itemsClothing

Heather’s Family (Family #13) – ADOPTED

Andrew is the 4 year old son of Heather. He suffers from various medical issues, both physically and mentally, which leads to much of Heather’s income going towards medical bills and gas to cover trips to appointments. Heather would love for her son to have a good Christmas!

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Heather (Mom)35XXL18WBlueChlothes, watchSnow pants (size XL), gloves
Son45T/6T5T/6TBlue/RedBatman stuff, Mickey Mouse and super hero stuffBoots (size 12), gloves, clothes

John and Karen’s Family (Family #16) – ADOPTED

John and Karen are the parents of Nick and the grandparents of Nick’s daughter Kelsey. Nick’s divorce and loss of income resulted in him and his daughter having to move back in with John and Karen. Nick is now working again, as are Karen and John, so as he saves to become independent once again, they would be blessed by some support at Christmas.

AgeTop Size Bottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
John (Grandpa)71L38N/ACoat, pantsShoes (size 10.5)
Karen (Grandma)67XL16BluePants, blousesShoes (size 6)
Nick (son373X42N/AJogging pantsShoes (size 11-11.5)
Kelsey (granddaughter)877/8PinkToysCoat and boots

Megan’s Family (Family #18) – ADOPTED

Megan is the adult daughter of Steve and Kristi. Megan works full time and provides care for her parents as well. She would like to gain financial stability for herself along with being able to help her parents out with various medical and home repair needs that they have.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Megan39N/AN/APink CamoClothesMeijer card, gas card

Lucille’s Family (Family #19) – ADOPTED

After instability and issues with their parents, Kaitlin and Makayla are currently cared for by their Grandma, Lucille. While it is exciting for Lucille to get extra time with her granddaughters she was unprepared for the extra financial strain that it can bring. Despite the hardships Lucille still wants to be able to provide as much of a normal Christmas as she can for Kaitlin and Makayla.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Lucille (Grandma)61LGMGreenLotion, candlesPJs, gas card
Granddaughter18LG (juniors)MBlueLotion, sweats/leggingsPJs, clothes
Granddaughter15M (juniors)MGreenLotion, gloves, leggingsPJs, clothes

Jake and Maria’s Family (Family #20) – ADOPTED

Sophie and Lucy are the young daughters of Maria and Jake. Maria has recently overcome addiction and is currently unemployed. Which, while it is a blessing to spend more time with her girls, the financial strain on her family has proven to be challenging. As she is diligently looking for work to provide for the needs of her family, she is also looking for support with her Christmas gifts for her girls.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Jake (Dad)26M32/MGreySocks or white teesSocks, gas card for work
Maria (Mom)23XL14/XLBlackCleaning supplies, coatWinter coat
Child22T/3T2T/3TPinkToy Story toysWinter coat, toddler boots (size 6)
Child112-18 months12-18 monthsPinkMoana or Trolls toysWinter coat, boots (size 4)

Olivia’s Family (Family #24) – ADOPTED

Olivia is the single mom of three children. After leaving an abusive environment, Olivia and her family have been in a difficult situation, both emotionally and financially. They are hoping that Christmas is going to be a time of happiness and healing for the three of them.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Olivia (Mom)N/AN/AN/AN/AGift cards
Son1314-1614-16Red and BlueLego set, DC comics, bikePJ set (size 14-16/XL), fitted sheet set (twin)
Daughter 788 slim (7/8 leggings)Pink and PurpleMoana baby doll, super hero dolls, bike (24')PJ set (size 8), fitted sheet set (twin)
Son577 slimGreen and BlueLego ninja turtle set, lego set, DC comicsPJ set (size7/8), fitted sheet set (twin)

Selena’s Family (Family #28) – ADOPTED

Selena is the mother of Emily and Brandon and between the two of them she also has two grandchildren who are also living with them. That is four extra people to provide for that she was not expecting to have. While she is happy to have them around she becomes anxious when thinking about providing for all of their needs and also making it a nice Christmas for everybody. The five of them will truly benefit from being sponsored this Christmas. They would also benefit from some Meijer gift cards.

AgeGenderTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Mom46FExtra LargeExtra LargeWhite/Royal Purple/BlueGift cardsDishes, towels, pots, and pans
Daughter22FLarge10/LargeBlueVictoria's Secret body spray, clothesClothes, boots (size 7)
Granddaughter6F7/Small7/SmallPink & PurpleArt setsClothes, socks, boots (size 1)
Grandson4M55Blue and GreenArt setsClothes, socks, boots (size 10)
Son14MLarge (men's)Large (men's)Blue & SilverTickets to a Michigan or Pistons gameClothes, boots (size 9.5 men's)

Stephanie’s Family (Family #4) – ADOPTED

Raising and providing for 4 children as a single mother is not easy for Stephanie. She is working hard to provide what she can, including recently completing Financial Peace University classes and becoming a participant in a home ownership program. Stephanie could really benefit from some added support through the holidays.

She could also benefit with gift cards to Meijer, Walmart, Speedway, Applebees, Red Robin and Culvers.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Daugher 14AduFrom Subject Received Size Categories Tommy Dylan RE: Need your help ASAP 8:07 AM 81 KB lt LargeLarge/Women's 14BlueSweat pants, sweat shirts, t-shirts, stud earringsBlack leggings, socks, underwear, bras, winter gloves
Son12Adult Medium28/30 or Adult SmallNeon GreenHair products (putty & gel), books (humor), Fitbit, action and comedy moviesWinter gloves, socks, underwear, t-shirts, jogging pants, hooded sweatshirts, blankets
Daughter 1014-1614-16PurpleBlanket, earringsBlack leggings, socks, bar, pajamas, backpack, winter boots
Son78-108-10BlueNerf guns & bullets, football, Star WarsShoes, pants, pajamas, winter gloves

Zach and Heather’s Family (Family #1) – ADOPTED

Zach and Heather have two young boys, Adam and Austin, who keep them busy. While Zach is working, Heather is going through the process of applying for jobs while keeping up with her two boys, both of whom are under 10. The challenges of finding sustainable employment and affordable housing have left them in a position of financial struggle.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Son810-1210-12BlueMinecraft stuffSocks, underwear
Son52-3N/AGreenMinecraft stuffSocks, underwear
Mom28Medium3GreenBaking stuff

Sheri’s Family (Family #12) – ADOPTED

Sheri is a single mom of two young girls, Samantha and Sarah. Sheri works full time and is currently enrolled in Financial Peace University class. She is working to save funds to purchase her own home.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Mom31Small5N/ASnow bootsWinter clothes
Daughter810/1210Pink/PurpleJust Dance 2018 for the WiiWinter clothes
Daughter22T2TPinkN/AWinter clothes

Luke and Marissa’s Family (Family #17) ADOPTED

Luke and Marissa are raising 4 kids together, two teenagers and two young children. They have been working but have found it challenging to find work that is stable and that provides a steady income, which makes meeting monthly expenses difficult. As they work to maintain their budget, they would be blessed by a Christmas sponsorship this year.

The family could also benefit from gift cards to Meijer, Target, Aldi and Save A lot.

AgeTop SizeBottom SizeFavorite ColorWantsNeeds
Dad32Extra LargeLargeBlackSport pants, sweat pantsHoodies (XL), gift card to Auto Zone
Mom33Extra LargeJeans - 16 Pants/leggings - XLBrownFor my kids to get a gift for Christmas. Thank you!Hoodies (XL)
Step Daughter16SmallSmallAnyGift cardsGift cards
Step Son1316-17LargeBlue & whiteGift cards to Five Below and TargetGift cards to Five Below and Target
Daughter45T5TPink & purplePeppa Pig thingsSocks (size 11), winter boots
Son23T-4T3TBlue & blackPaw Patrol things, Lightning McQueen (from movie Cars)Socks (size 10), winter boots
Pet2XSN/AN/ATreatsWinter gear